Friday, June 1, 2012

May, where did it go??

 I really can't believe it's the end of May!  Where did the month go?  I still feel like I am behind in the garden, a week of rain and being away for almost 5 days didn't help, and how can I sell quack grass???

I have an amazing amount of quack grass where I want to be growing greens for Farmer's Market.  I would like to have more variety through the whole summer season, not just end of season stuff like peppers, tomatoes and squashes, but get in early on things.  I planted dinosaur Kale today, which is supposed to be blue green and quite hearty , so I will be interested to see that.  Lenore brought me beautiful heirloon tomato plants, 14 which went into the ground today, so I have great hopes for them as well.

I still haven't found Okra plants, which I really want to have for my Edible Landscape, the flowers are so beautiful.

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