Saturday, June 2, 2012

whew!!!Glad that's done

We finished loading and bricking the door of the gas kiln today.  We started on Friday, but I started glazing on Monday, seems like a marathon.  Sometimes shelves go in so nice and evenly, and other times, I worry about will the glazes run and make a mess, will I just have more seconds, or are they too thin.

Today was challenging and required a lot of perseverance on the part of the three of us. Sometimes, offering one's opinion about another brick or chipit is not helpful, so I concentrated on washing down the tables and buckets, me gasping when shelves shifted would not have been helpful.
It's loaded and will be unloaded Thursday, when all will be revealed. Then I will just be a farmer for a while, less multitasking for at least a while will be good.

I can see some squashes and pumpkins poking through, so there will be something beyond quack grass for people to look at when they come for the garden tour in 2 weeks.  EEEK!

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