Monday, July 2, 2012

Procrastinate no more

For someone who multi tasks as much as I do, it is ridiculous how long I have been putting up with this virtually non functional computer.  I have truly wasted hundreds of hours in the last six months, well No MOre I say!!!!

I hope the new computer arrives tomorrow, and my techie helper Gaby's Dad can help me set it up.  Won't it be great to not be trapped in this cave like basement trying to attend to the FB, Etsy, Blog, bills, travel arrangements, shopping and everything else I do on a computer??
I am very excited.
Also very happy to have lily pad leaves in a bucket in my studio, some have already been rolled into the clay, and more tomorrow.  I am not operating at top efficiency in what someone told me was 36 Celsisus yesterday.  Almost Managua, but no breeze.  That is exhausting for a northern girl who is trying to jam just a few more pots out for the summer kilns, and plant just a few more pepper plants.

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