Thursday, June 28, 2012

A great night of Art in the Yard.

Last night's Sizzler Summer Pottery sale in the backyard was great fun.  Had repeat customers, new customers and Gabriel had his first lemonade stand experience. Thanks to everyone for their kindness and generosity to this young budding entrepeneur.

Well as usual when a group of creative people are together, ideas are flowing.  Cathy and I are percolating  over a late summer garden party/craft event/farmer's market. Stay tuned for details.

Got some more tumblers and mugs glazed in the ever popular turquoise before the sale and will be making yet more yarn bowls. Knitters don't despair more are coming!

Garden is doing great, and thanks to friend Margaret for her donation of parsley and basil, this will "beef" up my herbs at market as well as for pesto for the church fundraisers!

It's a crazy, busy fun time. last day of school tomorrow, and a 3 day weekend, OH CANADA!!!
it's all good at our little Casi Cielo, and we feel richly blessed.

I don't ususally use quotes, but I like this one from Maya Angelou:

The best part of life is not just surviving,
but thriving,
with passion and compassion,
and humour and style,
and generosity and kindness.

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