Sunday, September 9, 2012

sunday morning

It is bright and sunny and I am almost ready to go off to church.  Small business however means that the rest of the day will be devoted to labours, but labours that I love.  Squashes, tomatoes, zucchinis and pottery are packed in the truck ready to go up to the Red River General Store on Henderson Highway. It is a peaceful winding road and I love what Monique is doing with her venue.  Growing her own produce and pickling and canning much of it, and promoting and selling the work of local people.  She has a great positive energy that is just infectious.

I am continuing to tweak and refine how and where I sell my work. While I was sad not to do Many Fest because I love being with folks outdoors, it would have left my back in no shape to work at pottery or the real job this week.  So, fewer shows, more stores and more balance. 

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