Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fighting the Compulsions

Boxing Day 2012.  Now I must begin by confessing that I am a shopper, I love a deal, and sometimes 2 at a time.  Boxing Day for me has consisted largely of moving boxes in the house around, old ones that I thought I would re purpose, or that just havent made it to recycling, rubbermaids that seem to reproduce in the night in my basement, and boxes of clothes that need to get over to both the Salvation Army and Once Upon a Child.

It is my shopping compulsion that has put me in this predicament.  So, even though I am competitive when it comes to racking up airmiles, and getting a good deal, I steered clear of the tempting Boxing Day Sales at Big Box Stores.  It would be pretty hypocritical to only talk the talk and not walk the walk when it comes to supporting local with my own business and supporting other business people in Winnipeg through social media, and then be spotted at 6 am at Old Navy or Best Buy.  Really, I am just not that interested in having more stuff.

Shortly we are off to visit with my one remaining aunt, 91 years old and still knitting!  I am looking forward to that and eating more goodies with family.  Blessings to you and yours, however you spend Boxing Day!

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