Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Turkey is underway!

December 24th in Winnipeg.  Cold, frigid is a better word and I am glad we are safe in the house with a turkey in the oven.  Today I will do roasted parsnips, pickled red cabbage, carrot sticks and cucumbers for the RAW eater, mashed potatoes and a salad.  A feast!! Presents are mostly wrapped, and the little guy has been counting the hours until Santa since 8 oclock this morning.

We wish everyone best of the season and a peaceful 2013. We will celebrate the New Year in warmer climes and celebrate our richness that we are able to do so.  It has been a full and busy year with wonderful trips, memoires, new friends and old. Yarn bowls were a blessing this year, and my work on Etsy has really taken off. So blad for my WEST team from Etsy, who are counted among my blessings as well.We are richly blessed and hope to share that with others all the days of our life, carpe diem!!

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