Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deep Freeze, planning for spring

We are in a major deep freeze in Winnipeg, Manitoba this week.  I dont think I will be complaining about lack of snow cover for my raspberries after the blizzard this weekend.  As a gardener, I can see the positive of all this cold weather but going out to a freezing cold kiln, and my budding barn to check on things is not  a quick dash, as I put on boots, jacket, scarf and mitts.  Doing it with wet hair at 6:00 am is likely not recommended either.

So, I am planning for spring by reviewing seed catalogues, thinking about whether or not to pursue a little CSA for my urban farm space and throwing pots for Spring. For sure I want to grow Okra, mostly for these wonderful flowers, not that I am so keen on the slimy okra texture.

Passion fruit plants also offer gorgeous flowers all summer long if planted in a bright sunny spot. Wish I could grow the fruit too, just as I did in my garden in Northeastern Brasil.  I need to get my Valentines products on the ETSY store this week, as February is fast approaching.

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