Monday, June 3, 2013

Gardening Tips from the beautiful Blog Tillys Nest, a handy chart for organic gardening

Tilly's Nest: Fennel Doesn't Have Friends: A Guide to Companion ...: If you are like us, you enjoy growing, harvesting and eating home grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  As we have transitioned to garden...

Live consciously is one of my mantras and I am trying to be mindful of this in the garden too, so am using marigolds, nasturtium and some strongish herbs to be the guardians of my Casi Cielo garden.

this list is something I will try and put into practice this year and in the future to ward of pests without resorting to anything that comes out of a bottle.  We saw the wonderful movie Epic from Disney yesterday, so I may start referring to the leaf men and the wretched mandrake or the pod.

If you have not seen it, you should it is visually stunning, and makes me want to make more lily pad plates and attempt lily pad blossoms in clay too.

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Tawny said...

Oh, wasn't that a beautiful movie? Keep your eye out for the leaf men! They're sure to visit your beautiful garden! :D

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