Saturday, December 14, 2013

Back at the blog

December has been a whirlwind time of making, selling, promoting, responding to emails and more.
The final firing is going right now while the snow continues to come down outside.

I had the mystery Etsy sale last month where the recipients sent me a lovely email saying how much they liked the bowl. They finally found out who the source was and were kind enough to send me another follow up email.  Here it is:

Hi Nancy,
I am sorry to be so long in letting you know the sender of our beautiful bowl! After I used the E-mail address you provided, (an address unfamiliar to us!), we received an apologetic response from our niece-in-law in Texas! We are not sure how she reached you, but she had assumed their name would be on our gift when it was delivered. So...the mystery was solved and we remain delighted with the lovely bowl you made. Beautiful colours and a very useful size and shape!
Thank you again...

Happy to say that my Etsy shop is still getting orders and I need to get one off to BC tomorrow, as soon as it is fired, and a butter keeper off to Oklahoma.

Getting ready for Christmas at our house

snowflake ornaments with JOY ribbon

and a little red gingerbread man!
Then I probably should take a break, 2013 has been a marathon

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