Sunday, February 9, 2014

Balance for 2014, see saw time

My commitment for this year is to have most of the summer away from the office, so I can focus on Casi Cielo and parenting. The implication is that between February and April I need to line up my show schedule for the year, and produce a good number of pots. I want to do shows for my customer feedback and extrovert parts of me, but sometimes standing at a sale when people really have an agenda that is not shopping feels like a poor use of my time.

I probably need to have some kind of declutter sale, to deal with what I call the odds and sods, the one of a kind mugs, bowls, vases, etc.. that aren't like anything else I have in stock.  Having a small studio and house in this northern climate makes home sales kind of challenging. I am pretty sure no one wants to see what I have to offer in my -30 degree Celsius garage, and I don't want to schlep it all in the house. SO...I am going to imitate Amy Higgason of Pigeon Road Pottery and put some items up on facebook and try to sell them that way.  They will be delivered to Winnipeg customers, I think pendants and one of a kind pieces will be my focus. So watch for it....more to come soon. Payment can be made to on Paypal or on my Square if you pick up.
Yarn bowl 35.00 with 10.00 shipping or free delivery in Winnipeg
cereal bowl 15.00 with 5.00 shipping or free delivery in Winnipeg
Large serving Salad bowl in Northern Lights 50.00 and 15.00 shipping or 5.00 for delivery in Winnipeg
cup and bowl set, 25.00 with 10.00 for shipping or 5.00 delivery in Winnipeg

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