Thursday, February 13, 2014

Casi Cielo on the horizon

Year 2 of my  Community Supported Agriculture project for my micro Urban Farm, called Casi Cielo or Almost Heaven for 2014 is present on my mind as I review the seed catalogues and long to be in the dirt.
This was the garden in full bloom in 2011

The wonderful apple tree in late May

some of the kinds of heirloom tomatoes that the slugs didn't get

Passion flower will give us fruit if we have a "tropical" summer as it needs heat, but look at that flower!
wonderful daisies are yours to pick and make your own bouquet from the gardens all season long!
.  I have a small house on a big yard in Norwood/St. Boniface where I am living out the principle of grow food, not lawns and working to make it all an edible landscape. Last year was an incredible learning experience which I hope the 7 families who participated found fun and nourishing! 

Since my “farm” is quite small, my plan is to offer a crate of fresh, organic (not certified) , locally grown fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis starting in mid- June until the end of September for a total of 14 weeks. I may take a break of a few weeks in July if we have a stall in growth like last year, but will “beef” up any slow weeks with baking and preserves. 


This year,  a full family  share in the Casi Cielo project will 325.00 or 23.21 per week.    The food will be fresh, full of nutrients and hand picked.  There is risk in any farming or gardening venture, but I will aim ensure a good quantity, with high quality food throughout the season.  Peter Rabbit and our dear Emily ensure that we have well naturally fertilized soil that is augmented by compost.
Amounts  and types of produce will vary with the seasons, and the weather conditions.  I will grow a variety of greens, root vegetables, squashes, herbs and beans.   My aim is to supply enough vegetables for a family of four, or two vegetarians for each week.  Pick up locations will be atmy home in St. Boniface on Friday afternoons and or dependent upon demand perhaps somewhere downtown.

My Philosophy

I love growing food and flowers.  I love sharing the fruits of my labours with others, and would love to grow full time.  I want my customers to know how I grow the food, and even have input into what I grow, to match the needs of their family’s diet. I will encourage you to try new things like Fava or black beans, but will also give recipes to help you along through our Facebook page.   If you cannot pick up your vegetables due to travel or other summer time issues, please call and let me know if you are sending an alternate.  Food should not be wasted!!

If you want to be a part of my farm dream growing,  email me at, with your name, address, and phone number.  deposit of 50.00 required by April 15th, with the remainder due June 1, 2014. Please call me with questions, concerns or requests at 204-799-3792



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