Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Easter Morning, and the first year that the Easter Bunny is not part of the day at our house. At eight years old, some of the magic is gone. Mama is sad, but know it is all part of his growing up.

It is still a special morning full of imagination as we watch the Life of Walter Mitty together and enjoy all of the magical thinking and the genius of the movie making.  It is sunny an bright and hopefully we will do some outdoor activities later on after church. Spring is here and life is full of possibilities and hope. I have lots of stock for my shows, and can slow down on production, so I can put my energies into my CSA which now has 10 families participating!

The yard still looks pretty wintery but was full of energy for our Easter Egg hunt on Good Friday afternoon. I think everybody had a good time.  Soon the grass will get raked, the bunnies generous offering of manure will be tilled into the ground and planting will begin.  I have most of my shows lined up for the next several months, with lots of my favourites, and our Etsy WEST group is hosting the Spring Sale right here in our neighbourhood at Holy Cross Gym, so I hope we have a good show of support from the neighbourhood.   Mark your calendar, April 27 11-4 pm. at Holy Cross on Dubuc, (you know the hilly part of St. Boniface)

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