Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Buckle Up...September is here.

Dang....denial didnt work again!  I try an pretend that September and the hurry up season isnt coming but here we are. Today was another one of those days where all my plans to get 1,000,000 things done didnt happen. My idea was that while the chicken was barbecuing outside and the potatoes were boiling inside, somehow I could start waxing pots for another firing before Friday.

As I was running in and out of the house and up and down to the garage, I suddenly just stopped and said it aint gonna happen. Usually I dont like to give in, and usually crash and burn before giving in, but today I just put the pots away, moved the glazes back into the garage, and focussed on making and enjoying dinner with my little person. I am trying to stop running with the multi tasking fantasy that I can do 10 things at a time and do them well. My mother had a lot of old adages, and one of the best was - A job worth doing, is worth doing well. 

Over the next three months of working, gardening, parenting, soccer schlepping, potting, and volunteer work, I pledge not to be a crazy lady, and to enjoy the blessings of my busy life.  The season of harvest and gathering is here, 
here is a selection of baskets for physical or metaphysical gathering.

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