Sunday, December 28, 2014

End of Year looking back on 2014

2014 was to be my year to burst forth. I am proud that I took risks with new ventures, some were more successful than others, but overall I am pleased with this year. I promised myself that I was going to launch a new line of urban pots, in a minimalist black and white theme. The reception has been mixed but I am going to forge ahead
I will continue to make more espresso cups and shot glasses.

The christmas ornaments, in particular the polar bears did well and are a good symbol of Winnipeg and Manitoba.
Yarn bowls and fiber festivals with my buttons are fun and financially rewarding.
The Pop Up shops supporting local and handmade have had ups and downs, but I have been really happy about feeling a greater sense of community and support from makers.   We will see how that goes in 2015, but paying rent for 2 shops was harder than I anticipated, and will have to consider that more carefully for the coming year. Gman is becoming a good support and help when on the road, we will do more of those in 2015 and find more travelling companions, where we can split costs when doing out of town shows. I know that I am doing the Fiber Festival at the Norwood community centre on January 10 and the Big One in Brandon in October. Other than that the year is an Open Canvas! Here are a few of my favourite pots from the year.

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