Monday, January 26, 2015

Escaping winter in my mind....

A mighty strange January for Winterpeg...loaded the kiln in snow rain this morning while I skated down the sidewalk from the house to the garage.  I dont know if it is global warming or just a bunch of strange days, with temperatures on the plus side of zero, but the gray overcast days are tough for prairie people who are used to bright sun and bracing cold at this time of year.

I recently became aware of a blog called stopped Pinning and start making, and this is my new plan for escaping winter;  at least mentally. I am focussing on my pottery making with a garden inspired flair for my Spring Sales, birdhouses with a whimsical touch, Fairy Garden Pieces, wind chimes and garden art.

These are birdhouses in progress, large enough for birds, but great as garden art too. I think some vases and containers for flowers need to be on the list too. I didnt arrange these beautiful creations, that is my neighbour, but I did grow some of them. I need to see these on the gray days of January.

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