Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring at Gardening Saturday

We had a week of Spring in Winnipeg, and now we are back to a winter wonderland.  Oh well, March in Manitoba is forever a trickster!  I am pumped and getting ready for Gardening Saturday , a huge event for Gardeners and Gardener wanna be's in our city. They have an expectation of 300 people so have moved to the bigger space at the Victoria Inn out near the airport.
From Edible Landscape to books to food, everything including my work and my friend Pat Bragg the photographer are going to have a booth at the Show.  Here is their blurb, for more information check out 8th I have lots of work still to be fired, and hoping for no more kiln problems or exploding angels!

The 8th annual Gardening Saturday is bigger and better than ever before, featuring 17 educational workshops by local celebrities, more than 100 vendors in the tradeshow area and food market, and a brand-new hobby lobby with DIY activities for all ages. Visit to find out which vendors you’ll see, the workshop details (and registration opportunities—you don’t want to miss out on these great workshops!), and more!

Cant wait for the garden to look like this again!!

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