Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden Pottery Ready to go

I have willing Spring since February when I started making plant pots, Fairy Garden Furniture and birdhouses. Spring was here the last few days and now it is pouring rain and they are calling for snow. Welcome to April Showers! I think I have enough stock for the whole spring and restocking the Red River General Store in her new location at 1382 Main St.
I have been admiring these permanent flowers also serving as bird feeders for the last year, I am experimenting with lots of different shapes, but they sure are fussy to load. Broke one yesterday, many bad words uttered!

Fairy house under 3 inches

Plant pot indoors or out with drain holes

lots and lots of mushrooms under 3 inches tall

 Birds, birds nests and eggs for creative play
6-8 inches high Fairy or lady bug houses for the garden. Now I am working on vase necklaces, photos to follow

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