Monday, May 11, 2015

Trimming mugs is really hard when snot is running down your face, just sayin....

I loved our time in Costa Rica, but since I got off the plane 9 days ago, I have been getting sicker and sicker. First it was utter exhaustion that went on for days, then the razor blade feeling in the throat, voice disappearing and now I am a complete and utter mucus factory.
Here are a few of the utterly beautiful vistas from Costa Rica.
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Orchids everywhere!

Mountain Lion in a Refuge Center at La Paz Waterfall

I am utterly shattered, but trying to keep on target with production.  I have lots of little bits and bobs, but I really need to have a new good selection of mugs, butter keepers, garlic pots, salt shakers and serving pieces for all the shows I have now booked myself into. Glad to be accepted, but I need to produce some stock to make it all worthwhile.

I have just applied to Etsy Made In Canada Day, know that I will be at Homespun in Carlyle, Sunflower in Yorkton, Manitoba Fibre Festival and Brandonès Big One....its a little overwhelming to put it all in one sentence. Yikes! Spring means I am still making some fairy houses, mushrooms and more goodies to spur on the imagination as well as some plant pots for the deck and garden.

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