Friday, May 15, 2015

Rain, Rain go away but I know we need you!

Isnt it true, when we get what we need or want, we want to be in control of when it happens??? Yep, it's the alleged first long weekend of summer here in Manitoba and the high temperature on Victoria day is supposed to be 8 Celsius, (that's cold for my Fahrenheit friends).  So, time to repriorize from outdoors to indoors, well except for the garage and pottery sale on Saturday morning.

I really need to downsize and move out some of the collection of bric a brac, toys, magazines, dishes some of which are antiques from my mom's house. I need space to breathe and make space and  time to build new ideas and dreams....Hoping once it dries up and we can get the garden in I can start working on my flower pounding and eco printing....hope to have some pieces decent enough to show by the fall. I love the colours of the garden, and want to capture them in scarves and always ideas are endless time is not.

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