Thursday, October 8, 2015

Keeping it all straight

Fall should really be called Race season. for families, makers, organizers this is a season that tests our stamina and endurance. I am throwing, trimming, glazing and firing in 2 places after I do my "real job". (No violins required , this is self imposed).

Nature is getting ready for a long rest with leaves falling, plants coming to the end of their season and the squirrels madly storing nuts and other treasure in our gardens, plant pots and sometimes other places we would prefer not to think about.
But for the humans we are trying hard to get back into bedtime routines,, shorter days, and madly making to take the greatest advantage we can of the "selling season"  which is between early September to early December. This is when we make at least 50% of the years income. so hot baths, Cold FX, lots of fruit and yogurt, and some really robust hugs are sure a help when I am deep in the madness. I am committing the day to throwing more porcelain tomorrow as I have absolutely no turquoise or red in stock. 
On the 16th we are off to Brandon for the Big One, and I look forward to seeing so many great creative types out there.
Look what I got in a fortune cookie yesterday. I am taking it as a sign from the universe that I continue in my mad Muddy Mama life.

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