Thursday, November 26, 2015

Creativity on the Loose

I feel so proud to be part of the beginning steps of a brave friends great new venture in Winnipegs exchange district. Tannis and a Pinch of Creativity is her business and she is going to be opening a bricks and mortar on McDermot in the exchange. Stay tuned...The link to see who is part of this great adventure so far....

Still a few more sales about 2 weeks of trying to keep healthy and producing before I can rest and put my Etsy shop on vacation. So hard to say no to things when we know that January will be a whole different ball of wax. This is  a shot from the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library Festive Artisans Sale at the Hydro Building. Such a beautiful building in a great location. Sure loved loading in with no stairs and dollies available to us.  Met a young artist, Sarah Neville who had some beautiful hand drawn gift tags and cards, my kind of garden humour.  Her mom Marg was great too.  I was mighty grateful I had taken buttons with me as they paid for my costs. Without being overly critical, it seemed the show may have benefitted from a higher social media presence. Looked like I may have a lead on another retail outlet soon, but need to be patient.
Polar Bears for the great white North
Lots of ornaments having gone off to the Forks Trading Company, and they seem to be doing well, so that is a great help as I think more about palm trees, and push snow shovelling into the realm of denial.
Stars of all sizes

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