Friday, November 6, 2015

WEST Handmade and Vintage VIII just around the corner, still learnin' lots

Helping organize a sale with all volunteers, is an organizationally huge task. I am really lucky that we had so much pre work done by the Team Leadership of the WEST, our local Etsy team who put together all our other events, and the hugely successful Etsy Made in Canada events.

When I threw out my name, our team captain asked if I was going to give up work, my child, or sleep. Well truthfully , it has been sleep. Keeping track of details is pretty challenging, but it does get me off of the pottery wheel. Social media is not my best thing, but thank goodness there are so many others that are savy. I am not whining or whinging really, there has been lots of cool learning that I can apply to other tasks in the future, like making myself at peace with excel spread sheets, who woulda thunk a luddite like me would actually gain some skill in that area.

I started this process off with an old school notebook, but I misplaced it last month and am now in a coexistence with my phone and computer that I never would have dreamed of.  We are really happy that we were able to do the live shoot with CTV and Rachel Lagace last week at Jonnie's Sticky Buns. I love media and television stuff, which I had forgotten. That was certainly the fastest mug handling I have ever done! under 2 Minutes!
So grateful to have people that can jump to the pump and get stuff done, like buttons for Vendors, some more raffle tickets, sure helps as we are in crunch time.  One more glaze firing this week so that I can have plenty of mugs of all my favourites on hand. Hoping to have some rich turquoise for Prairie Vista. Fingers Crossed, here are some sneak peeks.
lots of ornaments that will have ribbon added tonight after they cool. 


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