Monday, November 21, 2016

Well here we are pre black Friday week, should I discount, I think not. Our profit margin on handmade is next to nil, not really in a league with Big Box nor do I want to be.  Realities of commerce do mean people need to find me, and have been working hard at that with things like Etsy Rank. com which I highly recommend to my fellow Etsians.
As of today, I have a real website thanks to Etsy and hope that people will have an easier time finding me with my own domain:
Black cotton cord with a turquoise bowl keeps the plants out of the cat's way.
Please check it out, I have been adding lots of macramé items and hope they start selling as I really like making them. It is a lot of fun to create one of a kind pieces out of my head, and pair them with my upcycled findings of beads, and rings, and of course driftwood.

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