Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I still have three days maximum in which I can throw pieces for this kiln.  I realize this doesnt mean much to non pottery people, or even to people who have their own kilns.  I still fire a few times a year in the Stoneware Studio gas kiln with my wonderful partners, Ray and Ted.

However, as it is a cooperative studio, cooperative is the operative word.  I need to stop throwing to let pieces dry, so they can be bisqued here at home, then transported to the studio, where they are glazed when there is time and space, so that I am not stepping on anybody elses toes (literally or figuratively).  then we load, hopefully at a time of day that is relatively tranquil.  That means we start before 8 am usually.

I best get on the wheel as I just got a big order for a hopefully repeat customer. Onward with plates , mugs, and soap dishes!!!!
Thanks again to Carla of Mulberry Tree Gift Baskets for helping me with this one!!!

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