Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's not about the money

This has been  a summer of feeling financially pinched, it is true.  Not exactly sure why or just that perhaps maturity is kicking in, and I dont spend with the same wild abandon as I have in the past.

Pottery has always been many things for me, and sometimes money coming has been on the lower end of the list.  I always said when I went into social work that I should have some element of balance to off set what I predicted to be an emotionally draining career. ( At least I got that part correct).

I am passionate about all that I do, some might say crazy and have.  I cry when things go badly in the courts, or when a childs rights feel trampled as they did this week again, but I also get reenergized and ready to roar when there is even the smallest victory or feeling of justice for my clients.

Pottery on Etsy is frustrating me a little right now, no sales in almost 2 months, what the heck!!! But I look at the shop reviews and see that lots of nice people have shared their thoughts about receiving a pottery piece intact in the mail.  I like this comment from a lady who bought one of my wheat trays.

The tray is absolutely beautiful! It is perfect holding scented soaps, and I'm delighted with my purchase.

ok, so no one would want to join me in my filthy, dusty studio most days, and it doesnt have great light from a natural source.  But it is mine, and filled with great potential that allows me the chance to make great things.

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Tawny said...

Hang in there sweetie. And know that your work in the garden, in the studio and at your day job is appreciated and admired. Let the pottery be a catharsis activity and the benefits (financial and spiritual) will come in time. :)

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