Thursday, October 24, 2013

In High GEAR

What, how did we get to the end of October, I cannot speak.  So instead I will throw and trim for all the upcoming shows, sales and orders.  Yet again, it is hard to know how busy I want to be.  Halloween is a big deal at my house, someones favorite holiday.  He was my little photographer yesterday in the studio, so forgive a bit of blurriness, we could call it an artistic interpretation.

Lots of sales, but next is Hot to Shop at the lovely Dalnavert Museum, a first time event, but Tammy Vogel the organizer is really promoting, so I am hoping for a stellar sale!

St. Boniface Hospital Science and Craft sale, November 14th 10-5pm.  Kids will be in school, so easier for me and hopefully some of the shoppers.  Kiln is firing up some tests today for a new store and one of my soapy Louise friends of SoGa soaps.


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