Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back again

Taking a few minutes away from tasks this morning to blog.  I have been busily making, with all of the steps involved.  The biggest challenge right now is to make plates that survive the drying process without S cracks and then getting them to the bisque kiln in the garage without wiping out on the ice.  This winter continues to drag on, and with it, seems the grey sadness of loss through death and accidents is ever near.

this is how the back yard still looks on March 26th, and I like everyone else in Winterpeg, has to be glad if we dont have frozen pipes or a collapsing roof.  For us, the boiler isnt really sending heat upstairs, the sink upstairs isnt working because of ice issues, but at least we have water and a roof, with only a little leaking in the bathroom from time to time.  I keep reminding myself that Spring willl come and then the busyness of the garden will keep me occupied, both physically and mentally.  Right now I am preparing for the big Spring Sales and Orders, with the WEST V sale on April 27th, Third and Bird on May 31st, and then fiber festivals, Sioux Narrows in August.  Hoping to be able to keep these within reason, cause I really want to give my energy to Casi Cielo and the CSA through the summer.  

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