Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tricked again....

I was feeling a burst of energy earlier this week, we had temperatures over zero degrees.  That lasted one day, and more snow. April.  I like everyone else here is very weary of winter, and my sense of exhaustion is part of that. I really dont want to schlep pots back and forth from the kiln into the house over incredibly icy and treacherous conditions. another kiln is firing right now, fingers crossed that I wasnt so tired that I forgot to glaze the lower half or anything scattered brained like that!

I find myself super tired, and have this gut feeling (literally) that I need to slow down a bit.  So, I need to change my focus from making, to selling, a different kind of energy.  Grateful that my time on social networking appears to be paying off, and seeing more orders coming out of Pinterest  and Etsy. Happy to see pottery in Royal Blue, which I can make at home going far and wide. I have some easter baskets ready to go, just need to do the photos, but I am pretty happy with them, hope they find good homes and get filled with really creative things!

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