Sunday, April 6, 2014

You know you are tired when....

I will try to make this my last post about winters of six months and its effects, however, I cant resist sharing this one.  I thought it would be a good idea to dye my hair this morning and have a brighter, less gray look for the day.  I have been dying my own hair with more or less the same process for over 20 years,,,,

As I got in the shower after leaving the product in for the prescribed amount of time, I looked at what should have been container 3, and it read 2!  Yikes, will my hair fall out, is it going to be the colour an texture of Rod Stewarts. Next thought, even putting on your glasses didnt help this time, need to have a more relaxed day.  Having brunch at Neechi commons, a meeting with the WEST crew and off to Brandon this afternoon. I think it is early to bed with a good book for the next 2 nights.

Oh yes, so far, nothing has fallen out, and I cant see any resemblance to a Rooster yet...stay tuned.  So happy for the sun and predicted temperatures today and this week.  Fingers crossed.

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