Monday, February 1, 2016

Grasping for the Unreachable, Control!

I still at my advanced age struggle to realize that I am in charge of very little;  no matter how hard I try to get the rest of the world going at my pace??? 
Jumpin up all over the place are opportunities for shows, sales and wholesale, but the clay will not be rushed. When will I ever learn that trying to move the clay along before it is ready doesn't pay off??

  This handle on the teapot that I really liked, not too heavy, had a lid that fit, a spout that wasn't too gross, and the dang handle jumps off. Onto the scrap heap it goes to be repurposed later as a handbuilt button or spoon rest.  
January used to be a slow time where us handmade types could recuperate from the fall madness of sales and making. Not this year!  We took a one week break in the first week of January and I have been going flat out since then. 
Punta Mita , Nayarit, Mexico
This is a big week with two sales applications due for Spring, and the hope that I have new fresh stock to hopefully make the grade.  Being a potter is no longer enough to assure you will get into a sale.  Display seems to become more and more important and it is a very competitive business.
Love this picture and this photo, but it is really out of date, so gotta make some new ones, in my Prairie Vista colours. 
 New clean modern display and two lines of pottery that are a drastic departure from what I have been doing.   Stepping up my game! Birdhouses and macramé plant hangers with handmade plant pots for succulents and air plants.

Good news! I received my cheque for December from Forks Trading Company! Broke a record for all time high sales at a store! so grateful.

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