Thursday, February 25, 2016

Like a Groundhog hibernation ending!

Living in a house with a member of the digital texting generation, little Mr. G,  I was pleased and surprised to hear him say he was going to his grandparents house for child care and wasn't taking his I Pad.  He said, "no I am going to interact like a human being".  I guess that was a word to the wise for me too. I like the solitutue and silence of my studio more every year. Did I mention it is in the basement.

Sometimes it is very easy to stay in my studio and "hide out" in the quiet with my wheel or in my garage loading the kiln, and not be a social "human being".  The  retreating can become quite addictive.  It is time to interact with the world and my craft community, and plunge back in with both feet, and behave like a human being.

My Friday night with the WEST Etsy team was a making, eating celebration as we got swag ready for the Spring Sale.

I am a member of the Manitoba Craft Council and just participated in their members show, For the Love of Craft. I have finally created my members page,

so happy that the guild and the MCC are going to be housed together in the Exchange, and they are doing a fundraiser, a Manitoba social on April 9th.  I
am going to donate some mugs to their social fundraiser, and maybe even attend.  Here is the link for that event if you feel like a fun night with arty types.  This is the link to the main page,

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