Thursday, March 17, 2016

Everything Old is New Again

The above title is referencing a few things, me and my crafts. February and March are grey, wet and dragged out for me.  Every winter slogging out to the kiln in the garage is a little more dicey. But these past few mornings being able to see even a little grass and pavement has me energized. Who thought items like ring holders and plant pots would be trending but they are! Here are my takes on ring cones and plant pots for succulents.

The same goes for macrame a craft I learned as a Grade 5 student which was a reallly long time ago. but trending as things do, macrame is back and all over both Pinterest and Etsy. So, I have been asked to teach macrame, which I am delighted to do, its clean, portable, and can be as simple or complicated as you want it to to be.

I will be offering something in a few places this year, and even if you dont want to learn macrame, A Pinch of Creativity at 296 McDermot is going to be offering lots of classes this year to stimulate your creativity and learning in a warm, friendly , bright setting.  This is the link to the instructors so far:

Hope you can check it out.

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